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Thread: tikka t3 hunter .243 what factory ammo.

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    tikka t3 hunter .243 what factory ammo.

    just got my t3 hunter .243 whats the best 100grain soft points to use thanks russ

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    Any that fit in it and shoot well.

    Do a search of similar threads and you will follow what I mean.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Before I got into reloading I always used Sako Gamehead 100grn (113E) good accurate rounds in my T3.

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    zeroed with federal power shocks today. shot sub 1" groups at 100yds which im well happy with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ.223 View Post
    just got my t3 hunter .243 whats the best 100grain soft points to use thanks russ

    Anything except Winchester 100gr sp. Mine simply didn't want to know.

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    Mine absolutely loves Federal vital shock 95 grain, near, but not quite a hundred. If it has to be 100 then mine likes Power shock almost as much.

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