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Thread: Sauer Outback info please.

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    Sauer Outback info please.

    I am thinking of getting a sauer outback in .270, I am wanting to know if they come factory screw cut or do you have to get a gunsmith to do it?
    Thanks 1995rs

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    They can come factory screw cut if ordered that way. I think I read somewhere that their standard factory screw cut is M14 but I ordered one with M17 because that's what was required for my moderator (A-TEC Maxim). I recently ordered the exact spec' I wanted (e.g heavy medium barrel) and had to wait a few weeks but have been v pleased. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have or you could try speaking to Ivyhorn or Garlands.

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    Thanks for the info Foss.
    ATB 1995rs

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