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Thread: English Setters

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    English Setters

    Do you guys have a pretty decent selection of breeders for English Setters that actually cater to the gunner ?

    Also what about Irish Setters ?

    I suppose what i mean also is "are there many folks that bid hunt the way we do here in the US with pointing dogs instead of shooting driven birds " ?

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    There are people that do it but they are few and far between.

    Access to areas that are suitable for the job is pretty limited.

    However i did hear that pointer / setter handlers are getting upwards of 300 per day to run dogs for clients (and i thought 70 for picking up was alright!)

    We dont have a particularly wide selection of decent english setters, in fact i would say we have fairly few!

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    I think the contentials tend to have better lines of setters and pointers, there pointers/setters also pick game while uk bred/trained are not trained to pick game only to hunt and point (Field trail rules) and also only point feather and ignore fur.

    If you check uk breed societies and clubs u might get a better idea, but in uk a lot off dogs have 2 strains working and show which can look and behave totally different to each other despite being the same breed.
    A lot off uk orign gundogs are very popular on the continent and far more common than they are here. As Dan above says fairly rare for decent working ones more people geting into the HPR scene which can do a similar job

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    A mate of mine decided to change from pointers to English setters just over a year ago, to get any decent working bloodlines he had to go over to ireland to get a well bred bitch pup. He is now looking for a different bloodline to get a dog pup from, to break then breed from. I remember him saying that the two places where the setters are still worked are Ireland and some scandinavian countries.
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    A guy i know trials english setters and take clients out to shoot over them, also the setter trials are based on a moor where a friend is the keeper
    There is not a great number of dogs comming to the trials
    The guy that trails has brought a dog in from portugal, (it may have been spain)
    Looks wise your dogs in US are similar, but i think you let them hunt much further away and you have them retriving where in the UK they do not retrive
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    The best Setters I have seen was Peter O'Driscoll, and my very first GSP was from Moniack Ted, very good Scottish grouse dog, the bitch was Imported from the States, Fairwaether Caghile.

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    English setters are very popular in Italy and they have some good working dogs.

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    I've heard off some off those Italian kennels have 60 odd dogs in them, seemingly the way the do it over there, althou that wil be similar to some parts of usa too? (seen advert in shooting times a month or so ago shoot manager/dog trainer in florida, kennels had a massive ammount off dogs)

    Is it not quite ironic that we are going mad for all these continental hpr type breeds but yet on a lot of the continent the old fashioned pointer/setter type dogs of uk orign are generally pretty popular and very common in the shooting field while here they are pretty rare esp genuine working ones. Infact i would guess the vast majority off registered pup's will be show bred

    Sinbad/truflehunter would ur mates pointers/setters actually retrieve (i know there not trained for it) do/did they have any natural affinity to hold anything in there mouths when young pups and is it trained out or not trained at all or have the uk lines totally breed out any natural retrieving instinct Or do u think u could train them to retrieve as well with the right handling. Strange to think that both european and american lines will have originated here yet both retrieve while ours won't.

    I'm not overly familar with pointer/setter breed differences, do pointers generally hunt harder and range further than the setter breeds? Or very breed/individual/trainer dependent? I know the hpr breeds struggle to keep up with english pointers on the open moor, do setters work as hard

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    I use my large munsteranders as a HPR should, hunting, pointing and retrieving as the OP asked, although not a setter, I prefer this raw form of shooting using a dog as it should be, much more than a driven day.

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    Aye but ur dog is an hpr, althou i would guess the breed was breed from setters by the look off them? A lot/some off the continental breeds aren't that old really
    But in uk pointers/setters only bred and trained to hunt and point/sett no retrieving and ignoreing fur.

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