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Thread: Good news and bad

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    Good news and bad

    Well the bad news is that I'm going to be unemployed after the 30th of this month, the good news is that I should be able to manage financially until the end of the end of the Sika rut at least!

    I've decided to take the summer, and a goodly portion of the autumn, off and go stalking a lot.

    I'm off to my patch in the Scottish borders for a week on the 9th July after Roebuck and Sika stags, then back again for the Roe rut a week later, a week or two after that for a bit more Sika, and so on until the fallow rut starts and then off for a red with Ian in Devon!

    Any and all tips would be appreciated as this is the first time Iíll be stalking completely on my own.....

    Needless to say, I can't wait.

    Herewith the packing list:

    "Subtle" cammo
    Roesack with liner
    Latex gloves
    Length of webbing
    map/fac/permission etc
    Mobile phone

    The beat is 1500 acre valley divided between flattish fields and commercial forestry with a stream running through middle of it.

    The Plan:

    Stalk into the wind and keep an eye out for deer.

    Are there any more methodical ways of scouting out a new patch?

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    If you dont mind me asking GH, where roughly are you in the borders and are there many Sika there?

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    North of Eskidale muir mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boghossian
    Toilet paper will come in handy.
    or nettle leaves

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    Some form of midge deterrent!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stalking sticks, dog, spare knife, camera, bottle of water.

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    Oh yes, i'd forgotten about the midges........

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    Maybe some ammo might prove useful too.....

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    You will have a great time Amir, you have made me very jealous.
    I'm sorry to hear about the job scenario and wish you all the luck finding another when you are ready.

    All the best


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    Right ammo has been added to the packing list

    Thanks for your kind words Steve, i'm not too worried about the job TBH, something will come up.

    I'm more concerned as to how to approach a completely new patch of ground without someone holding my hand the first time.....

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