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Thread: Nick from Hants

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    Nick from Hants

    Hello all!

    I live in North Hampshire and shoot regularly at Bisley, with no prior experience of Deer Stalking or hunting of any-kind

    I have however been shooting for 15 years in the Army and since signing off, have been shooting civilian service rifle up to 1200yards.

    Ive just replaced a borrowed Remi 700 SPS with a .308 AI/AE MkIII, and will hopefully be taking delivery in April 13

    Whilst gun-less I'm off to do my RCO course next week and then a Pre DSC course by early spring. (Maybe Jelen?).

    I hope to modify my FAC for game shooting once I've got a credible qualification like DSC1.

    In the meantime my future wife is trashing my savings account for the Big Day in August! ( The AI was a preemptive strike!!)

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    And welcome to the site.

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    Welcome Lateo, you will pick up a lot of info for a prospective stalker from this forum. I admire your intention to do things properly through the DSC system but at this stage rather than do a pre DSC course 'whatever that is', get out with a guide and tread some ground - I guarantee a couple of things, 1. It will wet your appetite for more and 2. It will teach you show how its done and will be a far better 'pre' course than a few hours in a classroom and you obviously don't need any weapon training - So get out there and do it ! There are plenty on here that could help I'm sure.
    good luck and enjoy your stalking career !

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    hi and welcome to sd and all the very best.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Many thanks for the kind comments

    Prometheus - I have started to get to know some of the local chaps, who shoot on the estates west of Newbury. Sadly Berkshire / Hampshire is now dominated by shooting parties from London and I'm keen to get some knowledge base (no matter how small) before taking up someone else's limited time. The Pre-DSC is run by Jelen and let's me check them out before committing to Level 1

    Ill definately take your advice - and Im lucky to have access to a couple of farms courtesy of a mate (who runs a Horse Yard), and there's approximately 30 roe and fallow living amongst the arable and sheep fields. I'll hopefully get to shoot here when I've got some credentials and in the meantime I'm getting used to spotting / tracking them down-wind, whilst the Missus is out horse riding.
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    good to see someone else from hampshire on the site welcome

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