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    Starting point

    Ok - so now I can buy 200 bullet heads (see previous thread), have a load of federal once fired cases, Modern Re loading & ABC of Reloading and am going to buy the Lee Kit (I think) some time soon.

    I want to develop an all round load so to speak. It'll be used mainly for Roe, but I have been told there are Red on my ground (yet to see any)as well so will have to be legal for them. Also plan to book a few days at hinds later in the year and dont want to have to re zero. As rifle is .243 and I'm in Scotland we are looking at a 100g min bullet.

    Rifle is Sako .243win 20" Barrel with T8 Mod (1:9 twst rate I think)

    Looking for some suggestions for:

    - Bullet type/manufacturer
    - Powder
    - Primer
    - if anyone is loading for a similar set up whats your favoured load.

    I realise that all guns are different, just looking for a starting point that I can tweak.

    Thanks in advance


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    I use a SAKO 75 in 243WIN and are currently reloading with Hornady Interlock 100Gr BTSPs.
    30 Gr H4895 + Federal primers/cases. Its grouping at 1/2 inch at 100yrds but I have no idea of fps as i do not posses a chrono. Tried working up from this but found bullet strike went all over the place. Thats not to say yours would though.

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    I use Vit 160 in my Sako Forester .243, 23" barrel.
    85gr Sierra Varminter 46.5Gr of Vit160
    90Gr Speer Hot Cor. 41.7Gr Vit 160
    I appreciate you are after 100 grain but hopefully it will give you an idea.
    CCI200 primers

    I would check the twist rate before going much further, to ensure the barrel will stablise 100gr

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    favourite .243 loads

    Hi Stringer,

    My favourite load for Roe and foxes in Scotland in a BRNO ZKK601 .243 with a 23.5" barrel is

    Bullet - Nosler 95 gn ballistic Tip
    Powder - Varget 34.5 grain
    Primer - CCI 200
    Case - Whatever i have at the time!
    Seat depth - .02 to .05 off max OAL (.02 is more accurate)

    This shoots 2950fps ish and groups less than 1" consistently in my rifle. (Bipod and sandbag at rear of stock)

    Hope this helps


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    Hi again,

    Just noticed that you were primarily after a Red round. Reloading with a .243 with a short barrel length you,ll need over 2810fps to get 1750 ft lbs. I have sometimes found this to be a bit trick and had to sacrifice a bit of accuracy for the extra speed.

    Powder - 42 gn Reloder 19 or 41.5 reloder 22
    Bullets - Hornady interlock 2453 or 2450 100 gn ( Nosler Partition work too)
    Primer CCI 200
    Seating Depth 0.05" off max Length

    These group between 30-40mm at 100 yds through my BRNO.

    Hope this helps


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