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Thread: never be afraid /ashamed to pick up the phone

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    never be afraid /ashamed to pick up the phone

    just back in from a recovered roe doe track with good friend Ben c
    earlier this afternoon just before last light I had taken a shot at a roe doe
    from a highseat at around 150 yds mark overlooking a clearfell
    good reaction to shot saw it run left handed and dissapear into woodland
    went to strike spot found quite alot of blood bit of lung also bit of liver
    sent my gwp off to find it but despite a good look no deer .
    the light was gone now so decision time go back to truck for torch and keep
    looking or return in the morning first light to find it eaten out by badgers
    also the risk of suffering if not allready dead which I was sure it was by my
    findings at shot site .
    I decided to call a good friend with a youngish gwp BEN C
    he came over we proceeded to the shot site and his dog took a strong line
    in another direction but nothing found so we returned to shot site again
    and i sent him off in the direction which i saw the deer take off
    I stayed quite close looking for blood leading off from the strike spot
    ben returned after no luck when on the second trail when his dog found a bit
    of blood lower down from the shot site ben and his dog followed this new trail
    for about 30 yards i was tagging on behind with my torch and spotted the deer
    about five yards to the left of the dog i told ben and we let the dog follow the trail
    onto the dead deer one relived stalker and one proud dog owner to say the least
    on gralloching and inspection bullet had hit slight bit of lung/ liver and bottom of
    heart deer had run in total about 30 yds .
    as stated in title not ashamed of having to call out a friend with his dog
    just relived i can sleep easy tonight and deer not suffering unfound .

    regards pete .

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    fair play pete, all came good in the end though. sounds almost identical to that one i had

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    You done the right thing mate,nothing to be ashamed of we have all pulled or had shots go adrift. You are lucky to have two dogs to call on and well done on good result jab.

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    cheers boys good to know you have stalked with me and know your stuff and understand
    how stalking goes sometimes .
    you dont shoot many deer sat in an armchair regards pete

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    hope ididnt disturb you pete ring in you
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    hope ididnt disturb you pete ring in you
    Allways got time to speak to you mark its just i ending up spending lots of money regards pete .

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    feindship costs nothing but talking shooting/reloading does
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    well done you two ,only thing to be ashamed of is not following up and asking for help ,good buzz with the dogs ill bet when you found it?

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    The man who has never been in a similer position struggling to find a runner has not shot many deer good to know you had a good outcome.newcommers to stalking may learn from this

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    many thanks for the positive replies chaps .
    good to know theres like minded people on the site with good values .
    must admit i was expecting a few smart ass remarks .
    as you say roedeered if it helps someone in a similar position then its been worth posting
    regards pete .

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