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Thread: Shooting sports magazine, deer lasso?!

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    Shooting sports magazine, deer lasso?!

    Just picked up this months edition of shooting sports and supposed to read the article on pages 62-63. It's about a farmer who tries to lasso a deer so he can feed it up and the. Slaughter it for meat. Is it me or is this (as well as being a stupid idea, as can be seen by the outcome in the story) an entirely illegal thing to be doing, and as such should probably not be published?

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    Not read the mag, but remember a similar story that was turned into a hunting song many yrs ago.

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    About 15 to 20 years ago when you could count on the fingers of one hand the number of stalkers in Co Meath, and consequently our reds were reasonably static, I took on the management of a property on the river Boyne which had a model Ash planting on it. I reported back to the landowner that I had found a complete encampment set up in it by his neighbour's kids. He said that they had made a tarzan style trap by bending back an Ash sapling and attaching a noose to it. They got bored of checking it on a daily basis, and to his surprise he found a decomposing red carcase in it weeks later. While wanting to kick their backsides you have to have a sneaking admiration for the fact that they had retained some of the hunting gene. Ion

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    Read the mag and nearly cried with laughter

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