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Thread: RE current weather

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    RE current weather

    just a wee follow on from the current weather thread

    i was out foxing with the farmer last night ,beef farm and the fields are saturated, we got to talking about the weather and the effects its gonna have on prices of food , he is running out of silage fast , as are a lot of farmer so prices are at a premium which in turn will force prices up for beef,
    arable farmers are being washed out which will force prices of everything up
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    & the rest !! All the land wants a new irrigation system costing 's

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    Seed barley is going to be at a premium in the spring as will bedding as a lot of straw was ruined. There are farmers up our way just finished drying barley, now that is costly.
    (feed barley for pheasants will be at a premium next year)

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    Lots of Moo cows out on grass here & there where it's above water, silage clamps pretty well down.
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    all agri produts have or will jump in price, fodder prices are crazy at the moment if we get another wet year it's going to be serious for alot of farming families
    it's wheat for pheasants and barley for ducks
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    Problem is with all the price rises of UK produce and the state the country is in financially customers are going to opt for cheaper inports. This will then have another knock on the UK farmers.

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    IF folks can afford cheaper imports. Wages are static food prices are going up every day. 3 councils Newcastle, Sheffield and Liverpool have all warned of possible civil unrest in the near future. What do they expect?? If folks can't get enough to eat they'll riot and the dozy sods in Parliament will be bleating "let them eat cake". They still spend billions on aid, feeding and housing immigrants and trying to deport illegals who scream "human rights abuse". Way things are going this country is getting ripe for going the same way as Greece or even worse a civil war.

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