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Thread: New Fieldsports TV channel

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    New Fieldsports TV channel

    Just found it by accident. Apparently it is produced by David Wright and is launching on 12th August this year to be available on the internet for free download. On one of the films Peter Carr is taking Charlie Jacoby out CWD stalking.

    Sorry if this is old news to you. I'd not heard about it before.


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    seems good mate i think there might be some good articals on there but he does like to rub it in that matey was spotted by those cwd but it couldnt have been easy to stalk in no cover with a camera crew in toe

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    From what i understand it is owned by Charlie Jacoby as he was venturing out to films than just a magazine
    why Peter Carr has featured so much in it
    is because Paeter Carr was buying the sporting rifle of Charlie Jacoby
    so it makes sense for Charlie to butter Peter up
    Pre deal as such
    Sorry Peter, just calling as i see it

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