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Thread: buying cast bullets

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    buying cast bullets

    Where can i buy cast bullets to home load for my rifles?

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    Talk to Dodgyrog. He would know. What calibers are you talking about?~Muir

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    [QUOTE=Muir;498924]Talk to Dodgyrog. He would know. What calibers are you talking about?~Muir[
    Thanks. Mainly 30 cal for my 30.06 and possibly .22 and 6mm

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    What purpose? Target or field? I cast and shoot hundreds of rifle bullets each year. Cast bullets in rifles are a pet 'speciality' of mine.~Muir

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    It would be just for target as i have plenty of loads for hunting

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    If you choose the right bullet, and load them properly, you should be very pleased with the results. It's the middle part of that statement, the "Load them Properly" part that jinxes most people's efforts with cast bullets. It takes some preparation and an added step or two in the reloading process.~Muir

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    I already have a neck flaring tool which i use with the hornet

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    Perfect. Your dies have enough crimp in them to remove any flare if you wish but I only take it out if it was excessive and hard to chamber, or for field loads.

    The only time I get anal about copper fouling is with cast bullet shooting. For the best shooting the barrel should be as close to devoid of copper as possible.

    Lastly, make sure you use a bullet that is long enough -which usually equates to 'heavy enough'- to nudge into the rifling of your rifle when you close the bolt. Best rule is to use the heaviest bullet your caliber and twist will handle at low speeds. Avoid "pointy" bullets. They work good in jacketed but are less accurate in cast. (JMHO) Find round nose bullets.

    The results are worth it. This from my iron sighted 1903A3 Match 30-06 at 100 yards using a 210 grain Lyman 311284 round nose bullet. Not even sure why I saved that group as most of them are 10 shot groups that score 100 with a number of "X"s. I stumbled upon it in a quick file search.~Muir

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    Excellent! Thanks muir

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    May I suggest you seek out the Cast Boolit forums as there is much to read there on cast bullet rifle loading and choosing a suitable bullet. It's more technical than most realise if you wish to get the best results. Throat diameter and groove diameter play far more importance than many think.

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