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Thread: Swarovski 10x42 els

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    Swarovski 10x42 els

    Hi all el owners,I just gave mine a wipe off and noticed they rattle,held all loose bits,took off lense caps and they still rattled,any of that got any could you give your el's a shake to see if yours do too and let me know if they do,ive had them 6 or 7 years and never noticed before,many thanks swarovski
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    Hi just gave my el's a good shake 8.5x42s and no rattle mate!

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    Thanks foxinmad,I've never dropped them or banged them

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    41 views and not a reply
    Everybody is away to check?. No rattle all quiet

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    No probs mate!

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    Sounds like i will be finding out how good swarovski after sales service is first hand then

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    They are second to none ! You will not be let down by Swarovski.

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    No rattle with my 10x42's.

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    Thanks for the replies,got serial number and phone number ready to ring swarovski Monday

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