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Thread: Short term lease

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    Short term lease

    Short term lease available!

    I have just been offered from the F.C a short term lease on 1800acres of prime roe stalking.
    It is in south west Scotland Situated close to Dumfries.
    Cull is for 40+ animals.
    Starts October till March..Although there is a strong possibility that we could start Aug.
    Max 6 syndicate members(FC policy).
    Level 1 minimum
    No requirement to pass dmq 2 as it is a short term lease..
    There will be out of season shooting as there is substantial damage occurring..
    500 per gun.

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    This is not a pop at you Griff,

    It is interesting that the FC change their rules to suit themselves yet again. What has happened that everyone must have DSC 2???? I can tell you now that it is better to break their own rules than pay a contractor to come in and shoot the deer.

    They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites that are around.

    Good of you to offer out the stalking though, I am sure some members will thank you.

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    That sounds like a good deal. Shame it's so far away from me and I need to do my DSC1!

    Why do the FC need to see a DSC2 to allow you to shoot their land normally? I know stalkers who have no paperwork to show at all yet they've forgotten more than I know! I'm going in for my DSC1 when I get the time. It's a sad fact that eventually we're all going to need it so I may as well get it over with! What's involved in the DSC2? (PM me to avoid derailing the thread too much). Cheers.

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