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    Natural England

    Having killed off the Isle Of Wights' small population of Fallow some years ago rumour has it that Natural England now intend to exterminate our small population of Reds. Does anyone have any knowledge of how Natural England makes these decisions? The residents of the Isle of Wight have not been consulted about this and there has not been any publicity about it either. atb Tim

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    It is in the farming press that they could be merged with deffra. If they do that their decision making will slow right down if not stop.

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    No fallow
    surely fundamental to this plan would be the landowners being in support and allowing it.

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    I have tried in vain to establish who makes these broad sweeping decisions within not so natural England. Locally we gave a population of red squirrels on a SSSI. How to help this population? Cut down 3000 trees to 'help return the dune system to its natural state'. So they want the dunes to start there irrevocable move inland, possibly with the destruction of that other rarity the natterjack toad. On top of all that they are introducing fenced 'grazing areas' into which they are putting that tick sponge of the farming world .... Sheep. Sheep to graze the understory of low growing vegetation so again the dunes can return to there natural state. Would this introduction of sheep have anything to do with the grant Sefton council have for allowing this? Damn right it does. Shower of unscrupulous self effacing ****s!
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    Natural England have also decided to "eradicate completely" the Canada Goose in the UK as it is a non native species. who consulted who, I certainly didn't agree with it, as did a vast majority of Wildfowlers, we weren't consulted. Special Licence would of sorted out any places they were a problem, but no they're a problem, non native, eradicate, General Licence, end of.
    The thin end of the wedge? how many other species in the UK are "Non Native" CWD, Sika,..........., how long before these and other species go on General Licence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
    No fallow
    surely fundamental to this plan would be the landowners being in support and allowing it.
    To say the least this is very controversial locally, e.g. Shooting tenants being opposed to it whilst landowners being in favour, unfortunately the National Trust are also hostile to the idea of deer on the Isle of Wight. To put the whole issue into context the Island is predominantly rural and has a surface area of around 140 square miles, we have a wild red deer population of around 12 -24 animals, personally I fail to see that these animals will cause any significant environmental or economic damage whatsoever. To further put the matter into context 1546 Island landowners have been in receipt of a total of 59,546,056 euros in subsidies from the taxpayer, surely this should give us some sort of say on whether this very small population of Red deer should be tolerated. atb Tim

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    It doesn't Tim. Natural England will make a decision based on there own funded 'scientific studies'....obviously not biased in any way.
    Look on any old map of this area and you will see a broad sweep of the dune/woodland area called 'the warrens'.
    In times past this area, as it is today, is inundated with what was a harvestable commodity....rabbits.
    Rabbits which eat the very same type of growth they are now proposing putting sheep on to eat.
    Do they allow harvesting of this food shooting trapping of the rabbits. But the rabbits are in such vast numbers they are undermining the dune system you so fervently was to protect?'...yes, we know, but the rabbits stay. They are a bunch of contradictory idiots responsible to no one.
    When will these people learn that they serve us....not we them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    When will these people learn that they serve us....not we them.
    I absolutely agree.atb Tim

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    In my opinion it's not just natural England that seems to want to exterminate the deer all over England but the deer initiative , SNH , forestry commission to name a few
    I have said it before on other threads that these main groups over the last few years are really pushing for more deer to be culled and I don't think it's just because of traffic accidents or because the deer are eating some rare orchid or some other rare plant etc.
    I sometimes wonder if its because of the threat of disease being spread to farm animals or something along those lines ?
    one of the areas I stalk used to have a high number of fallow deer and I will admit it was a little too high but the deer initiative , FC, Lincoln deer group etc. got together organising collaborative culls etc and over the last few years the numbers have fell dramatically . This has not benefited many people really and the estate I stalk on has told me to have no such involvement with extermination .
    i can't help feeling things are going to get worse
    regards andy

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    Andy and all - I have had to deal with NE for the past 10 years and they do have a policy of anihilation but would never admit to it. How about fencing off large blocks of woodland and shooting everything inside? That has been proposed around here, costed and funding approved and almost went ahead, but dropped at the last minute. The press would have had a field day with NE. Kill all the deer to preserve habitat for birds is their mantra. Who the heck gave them the right to kill off one species to 'save' another? And just WHO in NE has the authority to make these sorts of decisions I wonder? Answerable to no-one but salary paid by us. Great jobs! I wouldn't p*** on them if they were on fire - a bunch of self opinionated, pen-pushing wierdos that have a lot of power. A quango if ever there was one.

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