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Thread: Time to swap rifles for rods

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    Time to swap rifles for rods

    Japan tuna fetches record $1.7m, just read this on the bbc news app.

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    Think i would struggle to bank that on a pole with elastic

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    Just need no20 an a power top 3 straight through to a forged no 12 two bits of sweet corn topped with a red maggot,jobs a good an.
    Just remember to put the pole in the water to stop the initial runs and you will have no problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    Japan tuna fetches record $1.7m, just read this on the bbc news app.
    Size 16 Black Pennel on the top dropper, Mallard and Claret on middle dropper and Phezie Nymph on the point, that shud do it !


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    It was a 200KG Bluefin. That's $8500 per kilo and ***** loads more than I get for fallow

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    That wild tuna programme is good,you watched land a 1000 pounder on rod n line,15,000 dollar fish

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    Forget the rod! I'll use my 9.3 .... !

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    The price of tuna will keep climbing as they get rarer. The japs will make tuna go the same way as the whale!

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    This guy is obviously not selling bluefin tuna:

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    wouldnt bother swapping yer rifle for a rod in this case.....
    a reason its so damn to bugger all of em left in the grand scheme of things.....they know they are critical as far as numbers go and still fish em .....heard rumours that some big jap corporations are buying up some stock and freezing in some special way to keep em for when nowt left then hit the market for the last taste ever of the big blue fin!!!
    shark fin bloody soup and its "kudos" wi the far east folk just coz its a status symbol at weddings etc means a lot of the sharks species going same way


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