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    Hi All
    I thought I would put a quick post on to tell you about our outing last night.
    Well first we spotted these I think there was two sows and seven boarletts, sorry about the quality of the film but it was nearly dark.

    We then spotted another larger boar on its own so we approached closer. The Boar was walking away from us and it was quite clear he was a "he" with a very large pair of nuts stuck out

    We started to make a bit of ground on him when he turned and started to walk back towards us I finally shot him at about 30 yards. He was quite aware we were there and not very concerned I eventually stopped him with a bit of a squeak before shooting.

    Cheers Wayne

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    Well done Wayne, sizeable piece of pork that I hope you had the truck or quad close to hand, he has hernia written all over him.


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    Hi John
    I've not weighed him yet but even with the plaster's bath we use it took the two of us five attempts to get him in the truck.
    I didn't take the quad but thankfully we only had to drag him 30 yards, that was enough for me


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    Brilliant, well done-you must have a big plasterers bath wayne.

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    Nice one Wayne.
    Glad to see you have a nice lot on there.
    He is a light colour, i suppose thats the summer coat?

    Catch up sometime


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    Well done Wayne,he looks a good size

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    Hi wayne ,

    Nice one mate

    PS if you had to drag him 30 yards why didn't you let him get a bit closer

    See ya.

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    what a whooper and the boar is massive 2
    only joking well done buddy you must be happy with yourself i dont know if i would have want him 30 yrd away from me in the dark tho i would have been legging it

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    Hmmm....Iif I get a chance at boar I think I might need a bigger gun!!

    That's a cracking beast - makes me all the keener to try for boar.

    Out of interest, what is the crop the boar are moving through in the video?


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