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Thread: what calibre next?

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    what calibre next?

    Hi Guys,My current firearm license runs out this year and i have a .243 along with other calibres,I"m wanting a bigger rifle for larger species,I have been offered the chance to go at reds and sika,What would you recommend baring in mind i"m wanting another sako finnlight or a tikka t3.
    Atb John.

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    I think you are possibly a victim of reading too much advertiseing. SHOT PLACEMENT is by far the most important thing and knowing your limitations. having said that 308 seems to be accepted as the do everything calibre.
    I have shot 243 without problems on sika and hill reds for many years and have total confidance in is my most used rifle by far.

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    Keep it simple - 30-06 more versatile than most, and a calibre most people are able to handle accurately. Whatever you decide, make sure you can use it accurately and most importantly enjoy it.

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    Thanks for the input roedeerred,You may be right,I"ll keep my options open though.Thanks again.
    Atb John

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    Any 30 cal from 308 up to the magnums, the best thing about the magnums is you can use them in the fussy countries that don't allow military calibres like 308 for boar.

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    there's only one way of finding out - find a shop with a range that will allow you to try a lot of different calibres and go with the one you feel best with,,of course, in a Sako 75 or 85 no doubt

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    loving my 300 win but i also love the .270 ,atb wayne
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    270, any 7mm, any 30 cal, will get the job done find a rifle you like at the right price and spend anything you save on extra stalking.



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