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Thread: Do DSC manuals change much over the years?

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    Do DSC manuals change much over the years?

    Just wondering if DSC stalking manuals change much over the years?

    Saw one in my gunshop from 2004 today for a fiver but didn't get it just in case it's way outdated, even though it may well be a great cheap source of info anyway,


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    yeh, mostly to reflect changes in legislation by removal of out of date questions or inclusion of questions that reflect new laws that sneak in. The deer questions etc don't change, if you went through the questions against the online question bank you could score out the out of date questions

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    Ok cheers you reckon it's worth a fiver purely for basic info mate?

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    yeh, it will be 90%+ spot on, read the full question banks below and compare when you have it in hand:

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    Nice one thanks for the help mate

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    In relation to legislation, there were significant changes following the 2007 Regulatory Reform Order, which amended the Deer Act 1991 amongst others.
    In 2010 there were minor changes (some ages increased to 18), so be careful in using the 2004 version where Law is concerned.

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    Will do mate thanks it's more of a cheap way to learn the basics before getting serious about the DSC 1 in the future

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