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Thread: Any Vertigo sufferers? Not the job for you!

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    Any Vertigo sufferers? Not the job for you!

    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    When can I start, I've got the quick way down in the loft .

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    I've been climbing things for a good few years, but got to say these guy's have definitely got balls. I got a little rush just watching. Great.

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    Fantastic video. defo not for me. I get woosey on a high seat thanks for showing us this link. woodfordfallow

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    seen it before and it still makes me slightly sick watching it!!

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    Always reminds me of a high seat on Arran, you could see into rooms @ the Auchrannie from it!
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    How can watching that make your scrotum tighten :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    150ft cherry pickers high enough for me, that's crazy

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    Never thought I had a problem with heights until an episode made me shake like a leaf. Up 40ft of scaffold and had to step across a 1ft gap from the scaffold to the roof of the house...could I do it...took me 20 minutes to build up the cahonies to make that little step.
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