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Thread: Humane Slaughter

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    Humane Slaughter

    Yesterday, whilst Hunting, a friend's beloved horse broke its leg. We were in a remote spot and there was a need for urgency. The Gamekeeper produced an arsenal of weapons, including rifles, but the Huntsman, enormously experienced, opted for a .410 shotgun. Of course he was able to get right up close, but this was the most instant straightforward and relatively unmessy death in such circumstances I have seen. This would certainly be my choice of weapon in the same situation in future. We all have to be ready to do this in emergencies . I have seen a ghastly job done by a knacker with a .22 pistol on a bull, which needed more bullets than he had brought with him. Be prepared. A grizzly subject, but I wonder if members have opinions on what is best.

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    .310 Greener
    my father (vet) had a range of antique humane killers of brass and steel (pictured)
    placement is the key as with any bullet.
    never saw an animal not go down in one

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    Good friend of mine recently asked for a 410 pistol for humane dispatch (deer/cattle) and was declined as they said it wasn't man enough for the job A&S.

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    I have a cash captive bolt and it drops everything! The .410 is an excellent choice for dispatch, pistols are for cowboys!

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    I have a fully moderated folding .410 which is my weapon of choice for RTA's. Normally use 18 gram of No.6 shot at close range. I wouldn't have a pistol other than one which could fire .45 colt long as well as .410 which could be a useful combination. Too much ricochet risk from a pistol bullet for my liking!

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    Shot a large horse with a 25-06 and 100grn SP bullets from about 50yds away. This was at the request of the vet in attendance as we could not get closer. He told me where the brain was located. It dropped it where it stood with not even a kick coming from it. The vet had no experience with rifles and their energy, but was genuinely shocked at how efficient it was compared to some of his experiences with the .38 pistol he often used...

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    PARDON THE TERMINOLOGY BUT " HORSES FOR COURSES" depending on the situation your faced with.
    Dispatch of RTA deer with people around, a shot gun is useful especially if the deer is floundering about.Getting a good angle and safe backdrop for a larger calibre of rifle is not always possible. Some people are competent with a pistol and a knife into the atlas joint is a quick switch off but you risk getting a kick and if there's bystanders they may not appreciate your efforts. I have horrible memories of .22 rimfire bullets ricocheting around a stone byre when trying to help dispatch goatlings for a nieghbour.

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    I've also had a .22 ricochet around the barn from trying to shoot an old ewe between the eyes. I've now learnt that the back of the head is much softer. No good for casualty animals but if they are still eating I put a bucket of cake on the floor and shoot them while they have thier head in it. Nice safe downward shot.

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    Early Type cash x will work fine but pithing is sometimes required
    Any one not familiar with pithing look hear.
    Pithing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As a lad I worked in a slaughterhouse and we always used a fourten for bulls. Nowadays if I have to put down an injured bullock I generally use a 28, never had a problem. As has been said 22 for sheep.

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