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Thread: A Good Morning Out

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    A Good Morning Out

    After drawing a blank on Tuesday and Thursday on the Fallow Deer i was back out again this morning at first light,As i drove to the Stalking ground i was yet again thinking it was going to be a waste of time as all the journey i had to drive through thick fog but only 2 miles away from my destination the fog had lifted and it was clearing really well, i got to My Mates at and he was up and had a coffee on the table we drank the welcome hot drink and then set off for a look around.We had only gone a short distance from his place and parked up in a pull in close to where we were going to start our stalking, we waited until it was light enough to see and then set off in search of a Fallow or two the first field we looked in we saw two Deer but to far away to get a shot and to wet to try a stalk, we then came to another field and i peered around the gateway to my right, and stood under the hedge were a group of a dozen or fifteen Fallow i loaded my 243 and crept to rest on the gate post on the left side of the gate, the Deer knew i was there as they turned and were all facing me head on the Doe i had chosen was 120 yards and looking as if she was going to scare the first, i took a neck shot and she dropped on the spot the rest of the bunch took off down across the field to a gap in the hedge which is their escape out of the field and across the road,there was too many to get through the gap all at the same time so i picked out one of the back markers that was stood waiting for her chance to escape through the hedge i fired my second shot and she dropped where she stood just a kick of the back legs, then that spurred on the others to get a move on through the gap. we ranged my second Doe at 215 yards a great shot i was told by my Mate.After collecting my two Deer we then drove to another likely spot and sure enough there a few more Fallow, again i got out my rifle and lay on the top of the hedge and ranged a Deer at 115 yards and bang number three was down with out a twitch, we quickly retrieved the Doe and set off for a last look as it was getting a bit late by now and people with cars, bicycles and joggers were all starting to move around we had a look in one last field on the way home and yet again there was a small group of Fallow as before out with the 243 resting on a gate post and number four had dropped 160 yards down the field . I had had a good morning with Steve four Fallow all at a good distance and all dead on the spot no runners and no searching for a wounded animal what a good morning not often all goes as well as this morning did. A big Thank You To Steve of Devon Deer for putting me on the hot spots today.On our way home we just had a drive around and we could see Fallow everywhere we looked must be the mild weather and the shortage of food bringing the numbers back together.

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    Good morning. Someone's got a lot of burgers to make.

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    Nice one Owen you are getting plenty on the grass at the moment mate.


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