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Thread: Shorter barrels

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    Shorter barrels

    Hi have changed gun (308)and the new one has shorter barrels, 20 inch. My previous loads did not group well so changed the OAL a bit and they improved but are still 2 inch groups at 100 yds. Have also increased charge from 43 to 44 gr with no significant improvement. My question is that with shorter barrels am I loosing accuracy because the bullet will be travelling slower? Should I increase the load further to increase muzzle speed? Will this more than likely increase accuracy?

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    How far was the bullet from the lands on the old rifle and how far from the new?

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    Previous one was set at 2.825 with chamber at 2.87, this one has similar chamber 2.875 so increased OAL to 2.83

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    You are not losing accuracy at all ! Are you are expecting a one load to work in all guns ? if only it was that easy !
    Is it the same twist ? the barrel is shorter so the harmonics has changed and also the rifleing should be better.
    All will alter where your grouping.

    You have to start again from scratch and work a load up, the powder you are useing could be too fast or slow, the bullet might need changeing.

    Speed do's NOT equal accuracy.

    Post your Bullet make and weight,powder make and weight and i'll run it though Quick load for you

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    So, I have a 20" .308. The answer is that you might be, depending on whether or not you are getting high enough velocity to stabilise you bullet.

    What bullet weight are you using, what powder, and what is the twist rate in your rifle?

    If you are shooting 180 grain + bullets or using a very slow powder through a 20" 1 - 12 twist barrel youy might be at the point of experiencing difficulties with stability. otherise it might just be that you need to do you load development again.

    I have used VV N140 & N150 in mine and both are fine. for bullets in the 130 - 165 grain range I would say they are ideal.

    Sounds like it might be a time to 'go back to the bench'

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    43-44 is a large step. I would try going up in .2gr. The barrel harmonics will be completely different. Only adjust one variable at a time. I tend to load to mag length if the chamber will allow with out hard seating into the lands.

    It would also be interesting to know what load you are using and what rifle?
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Truly. Time to work up some new loads from scratch.~Muir

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    How far was the bullet from the lands on the old rifle and how far from the new?
    Hahahahahahhaah good one like it will matter now!

    Timing node change.

    Truly. Time to work up some new loads from scratch.~Muir

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    what rifle are you using now? what powder and what weight of bullets, have you tried a couple of boxes of factory ammo to see what the rifle likes, then once you have found one try and work a load with the used cases, same bullet heads, same oal as factory then just tweak the loads in .2 grains good luck, all part of the enjoyment of re-loading your own

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    Cheers splash,
    lapua case, hornady SPBT 150gr bullet, 44gr vit n140. coal 2.830. Shot out of sako 85 varmint stainless. In 308

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