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Thread: 7mm08 users reloading....

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    7mm08 users reloading....

    My 7mm08 semi custom will arrive soon and im preeping to reload whats every one running on powder and bullet wise?
    I currently run h380 in my .243 on 95g bullets! Im going to try 2 diffrent bullet weights in 7 ought8, being nosler ballistic tips 120g and 140g! what powders are people using? Weights etc?

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    try this
    last one I loaded for we used varget and 120 gr Nosler BT its shot !/4 inch.

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    120 weight - varget
    140 weight - H4350

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    Thanks guys any recommendations on bullets? going to have to try some diffrent powders!
    Why dont manafactures do trial pots of powders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wikedwickedmotox View Post
    Thanks guys any recommendations on bullets? going to have to try some diffrent powders!
    Why dont manafactures do trial pots of powders!
    dont waste youtr money on pwders mate it will work out very expensive Varget works and is the known powder for this caliber,as to bullets by all means try different ones to suit as there cheaper than powder

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    I shall give it a try!

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    I get good results with N140 and SGK 140gr
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Thanks Bk how many grains of powder?

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    Hi, I have a semi-custom 7mm-08 done by Steve Bowers. Sako 85 Action blue printed with a 24" Walther Barrel on a laminated thumb hole stock made by Specialist Stock Services. I absolutely love it. Pussy cat to shoot and very accurate.

    I'm currently experimenting with 120gr loads with Nosler Ballistic Tips and have found 45.0gr Vit N140 or N150 to be very good but please note this load was worked up in my rifle and shows no signs of excessive pressure but the N140 load is getting a bit on the hot side and is marginally over pressure on Quick Load so I take no responsibility for this information and, as always, it is essential to follow best practice and work the load up gradually. To be honest, I do wonder if the extra 100 fps is worth the extra heat/pressure and have settled for the N150 load out of the two. I may do all the experimenting (tinkering) and come back to this as it is plenty powerful enough and shoots really tight groups.

    I have yet to try Varget but know it to be a proven performer in the calibre, as is Ramshot Big Game which has been the subject of another similar thread recently.

    For 140gr Accubond, I have had great results with 46.0gr of IMR 4350. I have shot wild boar, Muntjac and fallow with this load all sweet as a nut.

    For me, the 7mm Nosler bullets take some beating with 120gr BT for fox/deer and 140gr Accubond for deer/boar. I found Sierra Pro-hunter 120gr very accurate but had issues with poor expansion on some animals. I understand the Pro-Hunter is designed to have a thicker jacket wall for tougher animals but have dismissed them from my own selection for the reasons stated and some less than satisfactory on-game performance, despite good shot placement.

    Hope this is of some assistance and have fun developing a suitable load for your rifle. Great calibre, I'm sure you won't regret it.

    Let us know how you get on.



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    brill calibre.. you will like it..

    I only shoot 140gn bullets. VLDs, Nolser BTs and Accubonds. I have tried H4895 and Varget, both are pretty much identical. Pet load is Berger VLD (140gn) with Fed 210 primer, 40gn H4895 sat 15 thou off the lands. I have a custom 7-08 with a 24'' tube, it gives around 2800fps but im running a mild load. Pushing it to max, i would be getting 2900 out of it.

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