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Thread: Fawn HCO Scoutguard

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    Fawn HCO Scoutguard

    Took the plunge and after scouring the net bought a 'trial' camera. The HCO Scoutguard 550 is mid range (209 .I am pleased with the results and I am still fiddling , the still photos are even better.

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    great shots for the first outing , I can see why your pleased

    Nice one


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    About a year ago i purchased the 5mp ir digital prowler from the states off ebay and saved myself about 200 notes.
    Cracking bit of kit and i have had some belting wildlife shots with it, foxes badgers woodpeckers deer and boar etc but my favourite is the stalker next door having a nose around my land. The look on his face was priceless when he spotted the camera bolted to the tree.[WE HAD WORDS] to say he was embarased would be a slight understatement.
    Worth the money for that picture alone.

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