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    out the day for a snoop about an came out of some cover in to a clearing and feeding on the heather was 2 bucks in velvet and 2 does roe 1 of the bucks was near silver in colour supper looking beast, the chance came 10 min later to take 1 0f the does, crack down she went then i went after the other that poped in to sum thicket sat for 5 and nothing must have slipped out, went back to pick the 1 that dropped so slipped the pointer she ran straight to the drop po, and ran right past in to cover went in and snap there was the doe and dog she never missed a deer yet, so always keep your eye on the 1 you drop as they sum times get back up

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    I had an English Pointer once . He came out of what is refferred to over here as dual stock . Supposedly he was bred for the bench and the field .

    Only thing he ever pointed was his dinner bowl LOL's !

    I have seen some very good pointers here in the states however .

    Congrats !

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    I have used a GSP on deer and it works well enough.

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    my bitch is GWP SUPER HIGH FOR THE FIRST 30 MIN THEN SHES FINE, will go over 5ft fence with ease.

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