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Thread: 2 Year Old Lurcher Bitch FREE TO GOOD HOME

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    2 Year Old Lurcher Bitch FREE TO GOOD HOME

    Honey has now been found a very good new home!

    I have a 2 year old lurcher bitch that I have fostered in order to find a good home for her rather than her going to a dogs home and maybe falling into the wrong hands. Her previous owner was no longer able to give her the care and attention that she deserves due to illness and I do not have the room to keep her.
    This dog which answers to the name of Honey is 2 years old (Aprox) and very attractive with a lot of potential to become a first class worker . She is said to be a Collie/Whippet cross (I beleive that there maybe a bit of greyhound in her as well). She stands about 24 inch at the shoulder with a short fine golden/orange coat. I am told that she is up to date with her vacinations but there is no certificate to prove that so a booster shot might be in order. She was wormed a couple of months ago and was treated with Spot on Flea and Tick treatment just after Christmas when we took her in. Honey is perfectly clean in the house and has been well house trained - She has never as much as left even a singel small puddle anywhere in our flat. She is silent and not the sort of dog to bark when anyone rings the door bell. She can safely be left on her own indoors while you are out shopping (or whatever) with no threat or danger of her chewing anything or making a noise to disturb the neighbours. I am told that she is perfectly stock safe and I have walked her through a field of sheep and she hasn't as much as batted an eye lid at them, but this has been while on a lead! I have not tried her on rabbits myself but her previous owner said that she had been worked, and worked quite well, but only in daylight and not yet tried on the lamp - I do not believe that she has ever seen or been introduced to fox! She is extremely good on the lead and walks to heal perfectly without pulling or anything (She is so good on a lead that there are times when I have had to look down to make sure that she is still attached to the lead) Honey readilly responds to basic commands such as Honey Come, Sit, Down and Stay etc and has shown a high degree of intelligence and the ability to learn very quickly so much so that in the short time that I have had her she is already starting to respond well to hand signals rather than vocal commands. She only had to be told twice that she was not allowed on the furniture and she hasn't tried again since! Honey loves meeting people of all ages and is very gently and affectionate, not the type of dog that tries to jump up to greet people so she would fit in well with a family with young children. She has been very well socialised and is extremely good with other dogs and has not shown the slightest sign of agression to any of them or anything else come to that but is very "attentive" when out in the field., Honey is not too keen on cats but I would half expect that from a dog of this type and breeding! While indoors she loves nothing more than to lie at (Or on) your feet chilling out while you watch telly and relax.
    I have had Honey since a few days after Christmas and have grown to be very fond of her so I really do want her to go to a good and loving and caring home, which is no more than she deserves. Therefore I am not willing to let her go to any old Tom, Richard or Harry that just wants a really good looking dog to trail along as a status symbol. I would rather she went to a home where she will be well treated and cared for and maybe worked, which I can assure you that she has a lot of potential to do, so no time wasters, chavs or anyone that just wants a dog to treat as a puppy machine to make money out of, and ideally somewhere with a fenced off garden. She has not been neutered and is not yet micro chipped. Honey will go to her new home complete with collar, lead, food bowls, food and a brand new all weather wax coat.
    I should add at this point that Honey showed signs of panicking when she heard the fireworks on New Years Eve so I do not think she could be worked in association with a gun, she could however be quite easily trained to work with ferrets which she should do quite well and efficiently. Honey is a very good in a car and will just sit and watch the workd go by while you are driving before she falls asleep on the back seat.
    If you feel that you could offer Honey a good and permenent home please feel free to ask me any questions you like, but no time wasters please.
    I am in Rossendale in Lancashire.

    Please not that Honey is also advertised on another Shooting related furom.
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