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Thread: .338-350 Remington magnum

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    .338-350 Remington magnum

    Hi guys, I have a slot for a .338 on my ticket and was going for .338 federal and may well still do so. Got a Sako 75 .308 which I plan to have rebarreled in the selected calibre but now find myself toying with the idea of a wildcat using the .350 rem mag necked down to .338. Anybody any knowledge or experience of such a clambering? Would a .308 bolt face be capable of being enlarged to accommodate the larger case?

    All thoughts gratefully received, including being told not to be so stupid!

    All the best


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    From what I understand, once you start trying to change things like bolt faces it can get expensive quick. (isn't a .338-350 rem mag just a .338 win mag anyway???)
    If the action is long enough, why not go .338-06... will give you a more push then the .338fed and is just a barrel swap, nosler make brass or just neck up from 30-06.
    I not long ago sold my .338fed, hits nice and hard with no recoil, but I think it would be an even better thing with that extra bit of powder.

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    The 338 Win Mag is about .2" longer than the 350 Remington. Frankly, I would go with the 338-06 as well. Standard bolt face, cheap brass, and more power than most deer require. Lots of Load data already out there....

    I mean. 350 Remington? The cartridge has had one foot in the grave for decades.~Muir

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    It's not just the bolt face. It is also about getting it to feed. That may work straight off but may involve new magazine follower plus magazine guiderail work.

    The nub is all about case capacity. The 350 Remington was designed for a short action rifle where the case capacity was obtained by increasing the diameter of the case as the length was restricted.

    In your SAKO 75 you can achieve the same capacity, I think, with 338-06 or 8mm-06. In fact 35 Whelen might even do. I you can avoid using a belted case I would.
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    Hi Penyard, I currently own a Ruger 77 in 350 rem mag. Its an excellent round, but its case capacity is about the same as the 35 Whelen ( another good round that I've used ) So it would probably perform more like a 338-06.The one problem is in short actions, heavier bullets have to be seated deeper to fit the magazine.Doing that reduces available powder space.So, in actual use, the long actions have the advantage with heavier bullets

    I built one 350 on a mauser 98 action that allowed me to seat bullets out further, this allowed me to increase my powder charge ( safely ).So in practice it would be difficult to exceed 338-06 velocities in a SHORT action with HEAVIER bullets. That being said, if you used lighter bullets ie; 210 Nosler partitions or one of the Barnes designs you could at least equal the 338-06.The only advantage is you can do it in a shorter,lighter rifle. To some people, that alone is worth the effort.
    You could put something like this together, but by the time it was done it would be quite expensive and if you ever did sell it, you'd probably have to eat about half the cost. Trust me, I've built some ood-ball chambered rifles myself.
    I've seen what the 338/08 and 338 Federal can do. I would rebarrel your Sako 75 in 338 Federal, Its cheaper, you can buy factory ammo and the reloading dies are a factory standard. The cost of custom dies these days would pay for a decent used rifle.More to the point, your Sako in 338 Federal would be capable of taking any game in the UK or here for that matter, plus it would be a lot more practical and kick a lot less.
    Keep us posted AB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    The 338 Win Mag is about .2" longer than the 350 Remington. Frankly, I would go with the 338-06 as well. Standard bolt face, cheap brass, and more power than most deer require. Lots of Load data already out there....

    I mean. 350 Remington? The cartridge has had one foot in the grave for decades.~Muir
    By the way Muir, I like my 350's, they may have one foot in the grave but thats ok , so do I lol

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    Thanks for all your advice guys, much appreciated. Spent some time researching this last night and came across the .338 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) which looks interesting. Will probably take the advice received and stick to .338 federal as per original plan but just wonder if any of you have any experience or knowledge of the .338 RCM cartridge, please? I guess Muir and Alberta Boy may be a better prospect as I am unaware of this clambering being available this side of the pond.



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    I've never seen one, nor the ammunition. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.~Muir

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    None of the '06 based rounds will fit in a Sako 75 size III action, so that knocks them on the head.

    I have actually fired a Rem 660 (I think?) in 350 Rem Mag. It is pretty robust. Is the 350rem not on a belted case? I have no idea how this might work in a 308 sized Sako 75 action and magazine.

    If you are stuck with the Sako 75, 338Fed might be the only option.

    If you could swap the Sako for a 30/06 sized action, the world is your oyster. 338/06 as suggested or 35 Whelan.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Same as Muir, I,ve never seen ammo or a rifle in 338 rcm.I,ve seen a few 375 rugers, meh,I've grown a little leary of all the latest niche cartridges. Low production numbers or worse yet, low sales figures means they get dropped quickly and you're left scrambling for ammo or components ie remington saum series and others.
    If I were going to build a rifle from scratch, I would go 338-06. It has more boiler room than the 338 Federal, and that extra power does make it a more versatile round. There is a far better selection of 338 bullets out there ( I'm assuming you reload) that will cover any hunting situation you're likely to encounter.That is one down side to 358 cal rounds, there isn't a huge selection of bullets, enough, just not as many as others.
    As Claret Dabbler pointed out, you'd have to go to a long action to do it , so its a matter of sticking with the Sako 75 (338 fed) or starting from scratch with a long action.Hornady makes excellent forming dies, I use a set to form 9.3x57 out of 8x57 brass, just use them like normal resizing dies. Just lube them, one pass in the press and your set. I'm pretty sure they make a set for 338-06. The ability to use readily available 30-06 brass would, I think, be a huge advantage on your side of the water......Decisions, decisions, its half the fun lol. Keep us posted.
    By the way, you're correct CB, the 350rm is belted.I make my 350rm brass out of Federal 338 win mag brass ( I dont like remington brass, plus most of the time it isn't available)
    I love these threads, its way cheaper to build some one elses rifle than your own lol.

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