Accompanied Red, Sika and Roe Stalking Available in Argyll

Out of season ticket for Stags and 4 week Hind extension

200 per gun per day or 300 per gun including one trophy 6 points or above. No charge for spikers but limited to one per day.

Min of 2 guns per day.

So in summary 2 guns for 2 days could get one trophy and one cull each per day, therfore a max of 4 trophys and 4 culls over a two day period for the group all for 1200, this would cost over 1800 on other stalks.

Our other package is 200 per gun per day, minimun 2 days and 2 guns, including one trophy and one cull each over the 2 days , therefore a max of 2 trophys and 2 culls for the group 800
Dates Available

6,7,8 November
4,5,6 December
15,16,17 January
5,6,7 Febuary
5,6,7 March

Interested then send me a PM