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Thread: Gun Security..

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    Gun Security..


    Been thinking of this for a while, and chatted to a couple of mates about it too.

    I have two gun cabinets, and two ammo for rifles, one for shotguns, one ammo cabinet for ammo, and one for bolts.

    I also have the prerequisite two sets of keys, both in places that will be secure, and extremely hard to find......

    Now, my question, I suddenly pop off this mortal coil!!!!

    When would my next of kin inform the cops...?? do "they" get into my cabinets if no one knows where the keys are??? And what happens to my guns and ammo?? Would she ( my beloved) be able to sell them?? To enable a good send off for me.. One thing that wont worry me, is her finally finding out what I paid for them.,...

    To save such goings on, would it be feasible to deposit a letter with my lawyer, telling where said keys are???

    I know it will happen one day, hopefully not too soon tho......but, I have no idea at all what the process is for this event.

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    The executor of an Estate can get a Section 7 permit that allows them to transfer the said items to an RFD for storage whist disposal is arranged. Ownership is now with the Estate of the deceased.

    Access to the deceased's storage can be by the method you describe or by the simple means of forcing entry or the use of a locksmith as the executor now has the legal authority.


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    I have also read that whilst you mustn't disclose the location of your keys a thorough search of your belongings should turn them up. Don't be too obscure with your hiding place!

    Might be wise writing down the value of the guns and taping it inside the cabinet. Once you are dead she can find out how much you spent!

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Apache, Thanks for least I'll be out the way when she does find out...I gave up sea angling a couple of years ago, and when she saw what my rods, reels etc were selling for, she want off on one...they were all in the main custom build stuff, and they were all "bargains"....LOL.......

    Yep, great idea about the gun value too, will do that this week...and will get the keys in better places too.

    Stan, Thanks for the sec 7 advice, I'll also leave a note for her..."just in case"....

    Again, great advice chaps...thanks..

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    Leave a key with your mate, as long as he cant access your house, its ok.

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    Her in doors can call in a locksmith.

    Wouldnt fret over it.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    Have a combination lock safe for your safe keys, leave the code with your solicitor. atb Tim

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    I have a letter in my safe telling the wife NOT to sell them for what I told her they were worth.. I have told her that if anything happens then she is to contact @@@@@@ my shooting friend who will sort getting a RFD (another mate) to collect and make sure they are sold for the best price.

    Outside of this don't forget all the other bits and bobs that will have cost thousands and will also need selling for the correct price, my binos cost 2400 but she would never have a clue what to sell them for, just imagine if they went to the charity shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nthor View Post
    just imagine if they went to the charity shop.
    I dream of the day I spot a pair of Swaro's at the local charity shop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Have a combination lock safe for your safe keys, leave the code with your solicitor. atb Tim

    have a look on youtube how easily they are opened,

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