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Thread: Addressing someone with a title.

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    Addressing someone with a title.

    Addressing someone with a title.

    If you where to be introduced to a person with the title of a LORD.

    would you call him Lord ???

    or Sir, ?

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    Probably "Mate",, or "Bud"

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    It depends on the actual title. If he's Lord John Smith, then Lord John would be fine, but if he is the Earl of Somewhere, I would address him as Lord Somewhere. There is nothing disrespectful in 'Sir', especially in more general conversation and I'd revert to Sir sooner rather than later. I wouldn't overdo the use of any title like this as it can sound sycophantic. I'm sure the person concerned would give you a steer as you got to know them.
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    There's an official guide to "title etiquette" on the houses of parliament site

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    I used to know all this sort of thing, years ago...

    He won't be Lord John Smith as you can't have that style unless you hypenate the names as did George Brown to become Lord George-Brown. The "powers that be" don't like it!

    So unless he is a hypenated Lord John-Smith in which case you'd address him as "Lord John-Smith" you'd address his as Lord Smith initially and subsequently as "My Lord" unless, as noted, he gave you a steer as to how he'd prefere to be adressed.

    Where a Lord John Smith could exist, AND be correctly addressed as Lord John would be when he was the younger son of a Duke or Marquis and then, as a courtesy, he'd be addressed as "Lord John".

    But if he is a Baron (or Life Peer) then it is "Lord Smith".

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    hi bob ive worked in a stately home before and came into contact with gentry a fair bit while beating and loading on grouse moors and ive found that sir works pretty well all round, hope the interview goes well mate


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    If he were a noticable good bit older then me I'd call him Sir !

    If he were my age or thereabouts I'd call him by his given name .

    If he were an ARSE I'd call him something not pleasent !

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    that website mentioned above "addressing people of title", suggests that US senators and representatives be addressed as: "The Honorable..."

    from where I sit, supposedly represented by those folks... damn few of them DESERVE to be called anything "honorable"!

    Maybe you all have better luck with your "Lords".


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