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Thread: Amazing tracking, but unfortunately without reward

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    Amazing tracking, but unfortunately without reward

    Last weekend i was out for wild boar in a high seat. I started just at dusk and was about to go home around 2.30 at night when i heard wild boar approach the feeding area. They where 2 uberlaufers and after a while one of them stood broadside and i shot it. It tumbled over several times and ran into some trees before vanishing completely in cover. I waited for 10 minutes and had a look and found plenty of blood and a good bloodtrail over the first 40 meters. Then it stopped. So in the following morning i called in a doghandler who is employed by the German forestrycommission. He came within the hour and 10 o clock we started our search. Off course i first told him what size of boar i shot at, where it stood, how it signed, which direction in heard it ran off, the caliber i shoot with, how many animals involved etc.

    We then took of, a Hanovarian scenting hound accompanied by a rugged terrier which acts as the bodyguard for the Hanovarian. We went down hill, uphill, through thick cover, meadows, arable land, woodland, took a part of the provincial road...and all the time the dog was still on the track. Here and there we found little spots of blood on branches and leaves, almost invisible to the human eye, but happily "nosepointed" by "Fiene" (the Hanovarian). I always knew these dogs are worth their weight in gold and seen them work before, but this tracking was amazing. In total we walked a good 5 to 6 miles and ended up at a very thick cover. Again blood at the entrance of some thorn bushes. The dog handler said it unfortunately ends here as he was not keen to sent in the dogs as the wild boar seemed too mobile for his liking and he was aspecting more boar in this cover. Also it was impossible for us to go in on our hands and knees and follow the dogs in case they got in a standoff with the wild boar. So disapointment in retrieving it. It looked like it was hit by a high spine shot and would recover from this in time. Off course it did not feel right to leave it at that but we had no choice.
    Still had an good learning experience for the 1.5 hours we spent tracking it. The dog needed very little guidance form the handler and just did his thing. It went in a very relaxed and professional way. The interaction between the 2 dogs and the doghandler was more with bodylanguange then with speech. A look or gesture was enough. Very nice to look at a person and dogs who have that much fun and professionalism in what they do.

    Off course i thanked him and his compagnions for the hard work. Hopefully i will do better myself next time.

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    Ruud a very good account I was amazed when talking to you yesterday when you said the track
    was about five miles .
    it must have been amazing watching the dog going about his business over such a distance .
    I imagine as you say you were dissapointed not to find a dead piggy at the end of your trail .
    but as you say the guy was a pro tracker and came across this many times before i would imagine .
    in such dense / thick cover not alot more you could do .
    others might have a different opinion of course but do you risk getting your dogs smashed up or killed
    or even yourself .
    dont think id like to be crawling through that on hands and knees and come face to face with a keiler
    or the like
    dont know never been in that situation so will leave it for the more travelled among us to comment.

    very well done on doing the best you could in a tricky situation
    regards pete .

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    That was a good read, pity about the ending , but like you say a dog like that is priceless , why risk it's life , you did your best and that's that.

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    @ Roedinator and Arron,
    True, the man and dog does over a 100 searches / tracks a year. He (and the dog offcourse) is very experienced and our syndicate had him before and always found the animal. Sometimes after 30 meters, sometimes a bit further. If he says it is no use going on i will take his word for it.
    We do not mess around ourselves to much when an animal runs off after the shot. We take a quick look en when it is not too obvious it is laying dead somewhere we call a doghandler. We have about 5 in the area we can call, all professionals who love the work they are doing.

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    Holland & Holland
    What a very good post thank you . I wish that all the UK stalker's for Boar and Deer would read the last sentence of of your reply to arron, and Roedinator. There is no disgrace in a miss or wound we all have done it and it will happen again so long as obviously you are not taking completely wild and stupid shots. All i wish to add is that your last sentence is so valid anywhere in any situation here in the UK. There is help here so don't be to embarrassed to ask if you don't have a dog . I do not wish to hijack your post so once again thank you . Regards WIDU.

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    Hi All,
    If only we had the same structure here in the uk, we have a lot to learn from our continental counterparts but i am sure overtime people will be more educated and i cannot see why we can have a similar system here.

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    I personally think that if a stalker in the UK makes a hash of a shot , and lets be honest we all have at one point(if you shoot enough that is) , there are two things he is afraid of no1 is the public opinions of local people who lets be honest don't like the shooting of deer and the 2 nd is fear of others stalkers saying your not upto the job , but I am , so ditch him and I will do it better , and it's a sad state of affairs that there are fellow stalkers who can't wait for you to trip up instead of helping you! But that's no excuse for not doing your very best to do the right thing , the top and bottom is people are afraid to ask for fear of the reprocusions which is a real shame
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    I can see what you are saying. If you hunt and shoot at live animals, you can have a bad shotplacement once in a while. If you are too embarrased about it or very afraid what other people might say, there is only one cure in my opinion: dont pull a trigger anymore and stop hunting.
    Off course i had a bad feeling about it but it was only my second animal i "badly" shot for 2 years now. The other a muntjac in the UK, which we didnot retrieve. (and it was not the second animal is shot in 2 years, i hear you thinking...)

    Luckily we have in both Germany and the Netherlands people who take their job as doghandlers very seriously and have great pleasure in doing so. We profit by this. Both countries give out the telephonenumbers of doghandlers in the area you are in. And these doghandlers and dogs have all past their scent tracking exams which are also serious bussiness. In the Netherlands the foundation of scent dogs give out a booklet each year with the qualified handlers and dogs (look up zweethondenlijst in the internet link). And it is all voluntary, of course you give them some petrolmoney afterwards but these people are so motivated they put time, effort and money in their sport / hobby.
    Link to the Dutch foundation of scent - tracking dogs. Government bodies also call them for help in case of roadaccidents etc.. Also nice to see is letselherkenning with pictures of what you can find on the site you shot the animal and the most likely shotplacement.

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    Fantastic read ruud... I should imagine the dog work was a pleasure to watch... Hopefully practice such as this will be common place in the uk in the near future, I for one, as a HS owner/handler hope so...

    Kind regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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