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Thread: Riflecraft joining the Forum

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    Riflecraft joining the Forum

    Hello all, many of you will know who we are. There have been a few threads with us as a topic of conversation both good and bad! Unfortunately we never seem to have anyone actually ask us direct for any details or further information. So we are making ourselves available on this forum amongst others to try and answer any sensible questions that people might have, also so that we can share our own equipment and experiences with other forum members.
    Nice to meet you all. i have no idea how to denote that we are a trade member on our forum details but no doubt a Moderator will let me know shortly

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    welcome to the site, just bought some of your copper remover this weekend and its done an excellent job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rifles View Post
    Nice to meet you all. i have no idea how to denote that we are a trade member on our forum details but no doubt a Moderator will let me know shortly
    Welcome to the site, now for the serious bit , go to the classified section and at the head of the page, in yellow, are all the instructions for becoming a trade member. Fully automated process you just need a credit card.

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    Welcome to the site

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    Welcome onboard gents!
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    welcome, Riflecraft joining the Forum

    Heard nothing but good things about you and your service.

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    Welcome to the site, may I take this opportunity to ask what you think of the Kimber m84 (match grade) how does it compare against a Sako 85, in .308 for instance. I am interested because most of the available reviews are from USA sources and vary considerably. Some say accuracy varies rifle to rifle. I was tempted by the custom one you had available before Christmas but The advert has now gone, thanks M

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    Welcome Riflecraft.

    I have never had anything other than excellent advice and service from you!



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