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Thread: Large Roe Liver

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    Large Roe Liver

    I shot a Roe Buck last night, I have been after him for a while as he's getting past his best to be honest and there are a few younger and better looking animals around. His anter points were worn, so he's been having a good go at the trees.

    The shot as 70 yards with a 243, the bullet took off the top off the heart and he was my first Roe to keel over on the spot.

    Lovely animal, not huge, everything looked fine on close inspection, a bit of fat around the kidneys and inside the rear abdominal cavity but the liver was the biggest I've seen, perhaps twice the size of that of a young buck I took a month ago. Not mishappen or swollen, no marks, lesions, miscoloured or hard parts.

    Does the liver continue to get bigger the older the animal gets?

    I've not yet got into examining the teeth so can't give an exact age. I have not posted a pic as it's just like a liver but big.

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    It would be interesting to find out why it was enlargened. No one got any ideas?

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    It would! I know that in humans the liver can be part removed, e.g. for a live donor translpant, and it can grow back. It's a very interesting organ, only one type of cell but it does a thousand different jobs.

    This was hefty, but I've never shot a buck that old and wanted to know if it was to be expected.

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