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Thread: Maximum effective/useful range of the 9.3x62

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    Maximum effective/useful range of the 9.3x62

    Hello everyone.

    This is just a bit of idle curiosity as I play Fantasy League Hunting Adventure, but does anyone here use the 9.3x62 for stalking? On paper, it doesn't appear to be a particularly "long range" round, but it seems to be in the same ball park as many other. Does anyone here use it over long-ish distances in the Highlands perhaps, rather than for typically closer-range woodland stalking?

    I'd be interested to see your thoughts and experiences. Thanks.

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    Pine Marten,

    I use mine in Africa out to 200 metres. Longest shot I've taken was on a Kudu at 255 metres. It dropped on the spot.


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    Thanks! How heavy is a kudu, compared to say, an Alaskan moose or an American elk? About the same sort of size I think. How far does the bullet drop at that sort of range? How much do you have to compensate for elevation?

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    A 285gr bullet travelling at 2300fpr with a BC of .3 should drop around 13 inches at 250 meters.

    I use mine for boar. I could use if for deer in the UK but stick the more tradition calibres.

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    With a 286grain barnes BTTSX zero'd at 100 it's close to 6" low at 200 and just over 20" low at 300 but, that's a federal factory load.

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    OK, so really not a long-range sort of round then...

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    Depends how long you're talking but, generally it's not considered an long range cartridge like say a 300winmag would be.

    You could always change the zero point to 200 and then you'd be 12" low at 300 and 35" low at 400 and 70" low at 500.

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    What sort of length barrel would you need to obtain the best out of it? The reason I ask is that I like to read accounts of hunting in Alaska or the Yukon, and it seems that they quite often take shots at ~300m over barren landscape with little or no cover. Of course they might all be showing off and exaggerating. I suppose though that at 300m on something like a moose, it just means that you'd aim at the top of the hump on its' back to hit it in the heart and lung area. Youd' have to do some serious practice to be confident doing that sort of thing though.

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    Either that or Zero the gun at 300yds! or use a lighter bullet at around 240grains.

    Barrel around 21-24"
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    The 9.3x62 is often used with quite short barrels.
    Loaded with 286gr Partition that has a bc of .485 or a 250gr accubond with bc of .494 I'd say 300m with some practice should be
    no problem. Just use a scope with bdc and check the range.

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