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    I was out having a wee lamp the other night and cast my beam over a small pond i have access to (3 acre) There were between 6-10 large trout near the inlet pipe. What i want to know as a none fisher man is would it be a good idea to feed them or just let nature take its coarse. I have decided to have ago at the fishing come the spring time ps fish are about 12 - 14 inch long.

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    depends on type of pond and type of fishing you going to try personaly if it was nice natural looking pond i would let them do their own thing and try catch them on fly that way you can try and imitate their natural food source to catch them
    cheers adrian

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    May i add it is only 2 foot deep in some places and no more than 6 feet at its deepest.

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    That screams out to use a wee dry fly on a summers evening 6p, should be plenty natural fly life from the surroundings.

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    That is a lovely scene...

    Cheers + ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    At this time of year there will be little `natural food source` so a little supplimentary feeding will do no harm.
    They are large fishes and will appreciate a helping hand.
    I feed wild birds every winter also.


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    I think the brown trout season starts 15th March in Scotland and feeding could help. I've not done it for trout but I have for course fish. Some people hang a dead rabbit or what ever you come by over the water so that maggots will eventually drop from it into the water and feed it, saves you going down every day. They will be near the inlet to feed on stuff coming into the pond or possibly getting ready to spawn as the running water will have more oxygen.
    A friend had a small stream running past his garden and fed the trout bread, they would come up for it like tame gold fish. He wouldn't let me fish for his "pets" though.
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    count me in davie and i will bring rifle just in case that big buck walks out,

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    LOL You hungary bugger ok so i am going to supply them with extra feed and the rabbit idea while good would not work as it will be to cold for the next few months. What should i give them as well as bread and were to get it .

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    is it a natural wee loch or more of a man-made type pond? sounds like it may be released rainbow trout, in which case they'll be triploids and sexless so will not naturally re-produce. No point in feeding TBH, they will survive on natural fly life just fine.

    if it's a natural loch there's an off chance it could be wild brown trout, but grouping together at an inlet is rarely seen, they tend to be individual and territorial.

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