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Thread: What I'd never be without....

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    What I'd never be without....

    Custom Remmy 700 .243, Swarovski Nova 8x56, Lundhag Boots, Nuttall Terriers, Old fashioned Springers, Swarovski el 10x42 binos, Swarovski spotting scope, Barbour Linhope Lightweight, VW Golf, Federal Ammo, 'RC Cartriges, Bellman & Flint Terrier Locator, Winchester SX3 9 Shot!!, Fox Call Pro, Deben Interceptor LED Lamp..............
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    Sako finfire with Swaro 6x42, Tikka .243 with Zeiss 8x56 , leatherman multitool my lab ,my springers and my stalking /lamping buddy and the wife in case she reads

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    A place to stalk.

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    End of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    I will second that but add an 's' to make it plural!

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    My son! Somebody has to carry the kit while I roll a fag!

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    270 any make[apart from Blaser ]
    12b [preferably a Browning]
    my dogs
    a knife
    my Binocs
    a good waterproof
    a good pair of boots
    endless supply of blank cheques

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