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Thread: little acorn spy cam

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    little acorn spy cam

    i have a little acorn 6210 that will send either a mms or a email to your chosen devise .
    only problem is mine will not do it tried everything . it has a good signal e.t.c
    any one got one and no any tips on setting it up ?

    cheers remmy243

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    If he doesnt see this, try sending 223 a pm iam sure this is what he uses.

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    probably sounds daft but have you any credit on it?

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    ive got the non mms model, but if you type that model and camera into youtube im sure theres a instructial video on how to set that camera up



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    I have seen footage from the above and its very good.

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    Thanks I will type it in and see what I can find
    Regards Craig

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    Get in touch with Ron Bury, he's on this forum too, he's got all the info on his website (google him and wildcats for his site).
    There is an issue regarding the e-mailing, but my one only sends pictures to my phone and works perfectly (didn't at first, then Ron pointed me towards updated software) but you have to use the supplied software to tell the camera which mobile service provider you are sending it to, just typing in the number wont do.

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