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Thread: Poachers at large again

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    Poachers at large again

    Strange how things piece together
    Last friday while working for a local farmer he asked if I had seen tyre tracks into field and a landy left in village with mud dropped off the tyres and splattered in mud on body.
    Anyway reported it to police(yes they came out and looked)
    On saturday morning went out to look for a roe all I found was one very spooked doe there has been four in the group for a few weeks but game shoots have kept me too busy to take an odd one out.
    called at the farm shop on the way home,the butcher asked if I had been thining the local roe as ones he had seen on most mornings for the last few weeks were not there friday and sat mornings
    Turns out a lorry driver had seen gang out with rifles and dressed in cammo gear at 4.30am friday
    when he went to work he says they were walking along country lane not at all concerned by his passing.

    So thats where the roe go to

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    Where abouts in Yorkshire?

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    Mmmm, seems to be kicking off again all over. Followed a set of roe prints over a ploughed field last week that had a set of boot prints right next to them. Had been 8 beasts in the field, I took out 3 so there should be 5 or so left but after 3 weeks I haven't seen one. This is following reports from the next door farmer about a spot light at night around some of the fields.

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    Yes the big problem is you cannot be out every night all night.
    few years ago we had a spate of people stealing birds (partridge/pheasents)form realise pens I did the 12 to 3 shift the bloke for the 3 to 6 fell asleep after I gave him a knock at home the pen was empited except for one bird

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    Where abouts in Yorkshire lads as my friend has just taken over a shoot in Yorkshire he may need warning

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    They travel all over the county.

    same cars seen over a huge area,

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    I suppose the one good thing to come with the awful weather we have had in the last 6 months or so is the lack of poaching activity.
    With fields being unaccesible to vehicles and very hard going on foot it seems to have put them off and the scum we have come across are chancers who are trying their luck off the road sides.
    It never ceases to amaze me how brazen these gangs can be nor does it cease to amaze me how the get firearms ticket.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerdog View Post
    nor does it cease to amaze me how the get firearms ticket.
    I'd imagine a lot of them don't which just makes them more dangerous to deal with! A guaranteed five years for possession of an unlicenced firearm is likely to skew your behaviour somewhat!

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    The farmer from one of the bits of ground i have called the wife a while back when i was out of the counrty asking if i was out lamping.
    It was not that late about 22:30.
    Aparantly there where 3 lads with dogs on his ground lamping.
    The police where called but as usual they where to late to get them on the ground but they had the car reg number & cought up with them on the main road.
    Took there lamping gear off them & took the ususal details.
    Just waiting to here if anything will happen to them or not.


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    All this is very frustrating and yet police lock up someone protecting themselves
    one time I reported suss behaivior it took 35mins before police turned up . At 30 miles an hour the suss vech could be a long way away.

    anyway police have at least told me landy checked out Ok but why would it drive into fields during the night i know the farmer concerned and he is anti shooting so in my opinion

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