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Thread: Blaser .308 R93

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    Blaser .308 R93

    For sale one Blaser R93 wood stocked black action .308 Win. Factory screwcut 15x1 with spigot. Also included is one titanium Lawrence precision Moderator (600), it will never gas cut or rust; comes with QD saddle mount and a choice of 1" or 30mm rings. Approx 180 lapua cases, 100+ Hornady 165 grain interbonds, the dies needed to resize and reload ammunition, 40 rounds of loaded ammunition, the details of the reloads so you can replicate it.

    Shoots very well and is in very good condition, less than 12 months old.

    2500 ovno for the whole lot.

    I will email pics to those who are interested but probably best to see it in the flesh to appreciate how nice it is.

    Cheers, Gerry

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    Gerry, nice to do business with you kind regards, martin

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