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Thread: Merkel Mounts

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    Merkel Mounts

    Does anyone know if i can change from a 1 inch tube to 30mm without changing the mounts. Mounts are standard Merkel, have looked on website and cant see anything there. Will be a couple of weeks untill near my shop to ask, so was wondering if anyone here had the answer as looking to change scope.

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    I nearly bought a Merkel KR1 but the importer could not get me one.
    During the waiting period I researched 'scope mounts because I wanted two and the merkel ones were 350.
    There is a company in Germany that makes clones for 250 but they have to be got through their UK importer.
    MAK-Kilic Feintechnic is the company and their importer is Browns the Gunsmith of London.
    Good luck

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    Thanks for that will give them a try, am still hoping a larger tubed scope will fit the rings and mount i already have. 350 definitely seems expensive!

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