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Thread: scrap thief shot at

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    scrap thief shot at

    Anyone catch the news tonight? Farmer and his mother spent the night in the cells because he shot at a scrap thief who had no problems trying to damage them during his getaway. The thieving **** got fined just 100 quid and is said to be traumatised by the experience. Wonder if he will claim the farmer for it?

    Farmer said on telly he was disgusted how he was treated by the police especially after it was dropped without charge.

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    Is he traumitised enough to never steal, or try to steal again? I sure hope so.

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    Was the guy threatening them before hand? If yes, then using a firearm might be ok. If no then he's lucky not to be prosecuted. As it is he'll probably lose his SGC and guns.

    I'm sorry, but shooting at someone who is not a direct threat is attempted murder at best. I don't care what the scrote was trying to steal, it's not worth his life!

    If what you have said is the whole story, then the farmer was in the wrong. I'm not saying the scrote was in the right either, but as we are all taught two wrongs don't make a right!

    EDIT. I've just looked it up, and it appears the scrote was attempting to run the mother over before the guy fired on him, so I'd say clear case of self defence and that is why no action has been taken. Good on him for taking appropriate action! This shows the importance of context though!
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    he was trying to run then over

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    So the scrote should be done for attempted murder then!! or is it now ok to do that because he was scared and traumatised and probably will wet the bed from now on (so we should clearly let him off)

    Have any of you watched the crappy fly on the wall american police video programmes. Over the pond they regard the car as a deadly weapon and seem to have no hesitation shooting through the windscreen when someone is driving a car towards an officer with apparent intent
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    Indeed, hence the edit to my post. If he had killed them then it would have been what the Americans might call a "righteous killing".

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    The lads father is on another forum,
    I think he showed great restraint, not to shoot the scroate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    The lads father is on another forum,
    I think he showed great restraint, not to shoot the scroate.
    The lad said he tried NOT to hit the thief

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    he shot the passenger side of the screen and the door mirrors,
    all the while the bloke was trying to run them over.

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    Any lawyers in the house? could they ask the police to prosecute him or bring a private case against him

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