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Thread: knife sharpening

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    knife sharpening

    hi, im sure this has been asked lots of times, whats the best way to get a good sharp knife, and whats the best stone/tool to use.
    ive used oil stones in the past, they seem ok but never get that razor fine edge??
    many thanks

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    They this thread looks of good reviews about this product...

    For Sale: Knife blunt? NEW ITEM - Double sided, leather covered, wooden strop board

    I personally don't know anything about it or use it but can remember reading it and had a lot of good reviews.

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    i use the electric mini wizard type ,they have a coarse and a fine wheel then finish off with the steel,it seems to do the job ok ,just keep on top of it ,dont let it get to blunt ,

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    See the post by Saddler in classifieds for his leather strops. I along with many others appear to be absoulutely delighted with it and the results it gives.

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    i use welsh slate to around 8000 grit then strop holds an edge on stainless for ages and is shave sharp lots of vids on youtube slate is off fleabay and is cheap the rougher the blade edge the quicker it will dull use a strop after and it will hold an edge as it has finished the blade off properly, atb wayne
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    Hi Simon,

    The easy, but very effective way, is to use a Lansky or Gatco set. I've used that for years with great success. Some people might call it cheating.

    An alternative to oil stones could be diamond stones or japanese wet stones. I've been trying both, but must confess I'm struggling with getting a good burr. No fault of the stones, it's purely down to a lack of skill and thus probably lack of time spent practicing.

    However, I really like the idea of being good with a bench stone, as small stones like the ones made by Fallkniven are a lot more portable than the Lansky types. And, it's also a kind of old-school kind of skill that's cool to master.

    If you are looking for a good book on sharpening with stones I'd recommend Chad Ward's "An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives". Although it's about kitchen knives the section on sharpening and stones applies to any type of knife.



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    I don't believe it matters what sharpener you use, the only one you're cheating is yourself if your blade is not razor sharp.

    I have settled with the DC4 double sided sharpener, sharpens to razor finish and then a leather strop with some smurth poo polishes a blade a treat, this set up does me and it didn't cost a lot either.

    The other one i have and use on a 23 degree angle is the DMT with guide, that cuts a brilliant edge, I use the DC4 because i like it and it suits my blades.



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    I use a Lansky, but as Mereside says its imperative to polish the edge to finish it or it won't last 5 minutes. I strop mine on the back of a leather sheath.
    I've got a Japanese water stone and it does produce a silky smooth edge but I not skilled enough with it. I get bored after an hour of no progress. Until I master that its Lanksy and leather.

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    DMT Deluxe Aligner Kit - not cheap, keeps an exact angle (23 degrees as stated above) and delivers razor edge in 4 stokes each side. I've been using one for nearly 20yrs now, the only problem is when stalking pals know you have one you end up sharpening their knives!...


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    ive been looking at the dc4 looks cheap and good, i worry about getting the angles right though, guses i need more practies may be

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