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Thread: Beaters day

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    Beaters day

    Well,its fast approaching and i really enjoy they day from a social fun aspect as well as from an opportunity to be under birds.
    Do you make the effort and dress up for the occasion or just wear normal beating clobber.Personally i like to turn out smart.Tattersal shirt and tie, breeks,waistcoat, the whole nine yards.A bit of pride in appearance and respect to the keeper.Three days on it this year on a couple of shoots.

    Enjoy, all those that have put the effort in through the season.You`ve earnt it.

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    Yes it is a great opportunity for beaters to dress smartly and show how well they can shoot, it is also great fun for the regular guns to put on their beating gear, experience the shoot from a different perspective and to admire well taken shots atb Tim

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    Always dress appropriately, after all you are going to a pheasants last flight!!

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