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    sako gamehead


    Has anyone used the 123g sako gamehead? Just bought some to put through my 308 and wondered what experience people have had with them

    Regards Steve

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    I'm afraid I can't comment on the Gamehead but I'm more than happy with the 165gn Powerhead in 308. I know others who use Sako in other calibres and have yet to hear a bad word said about them. At the weight you mention I imagine this will be a pretty fast round and will surely be sufficient for any deer that comes your way in the UK. I'm not sure it would be advisable for boar though.



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    I have some very limited experience with them on deer and the best I can say is that they make the deer dead as expected.

    This 123 grain Sako load seems to be very popular with a number of highland stalkers and it seems to work well for them. As these are people who shoot a lot of deer I would say their experience is worth a lot more than mine and that it would indicate that the load works well.

    I managed to get a very old box of the Sako to zero my rifle with and it behaved very strangely in that the first 17 rounds formed two distinct groups on the target. I might be given to think that there was a problem with the barrel heating up or something but can only say that no other ammo has ever done this in my rifle. It looked to me like it was shooting to two different POI. However, the final 3 rounds from the box shot a good group right on the money. Because of the strange behaviour I fired all 20 rounds from the box but must highlight that it was very, very, old ammo and was the only box I could get in this part of the world.

    So, with some slight reservations, but based mostly on the fact that a lot of very experienced people seem to favour it I would be confident of its performance on deer if it shoots well in your rifle. If it were not for availability problems I would use it more myself.

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    Hi Bordersman

    Steve i stepped up to 308 from a 243 and started using Federal Powershock 150 grain soft points as had previously used Federal in 243..

    Loads of problems so switched to Sako 123 grain Gamehead Soft Points and never looked back..

    Clover leaf at 100 yards and do exactly what they are meant to on the Deer..



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