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Thread: Are You A Good Stalker? A Question I'm Asking Myself.

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    Are You A Good Stalker? A Question I'm Asking Myself.

    Ok got to do my level 2 can't put it off any longer. Should have done it years ago but life got in the way. So booked in with the AW.
    Now it's no secret I have red deer to shoot at in a park environment so I get plenty of practices, plus I have land in Scotland to stalk on so I feel ready.
    Now if I was on my land in the borders. A forestry block for 9 years with rides, open areas and clear fell I would know where to go depending on the weather, wind ect. to look for roe. I know the land very well!
    I know what to look for in park reds for meat, size, shape good and bad ect. So I'm thinking I'm on a home run.

    But I'm going to stalk on the AW's land and he will asses my stalking abilities on fallow, muntjac in woodland.
    I only have limited stalking on fallow in woods and muntjac a big fat zero.

    Which has got me thinking, I don't take many guys out stalking, but when I have we have shot deer.

    But am I a good stalker? I'll know in February!

    Off to find some books on woodland stalking.

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    Good question. Most of my stalking is woodland roe and would class my self as a fairly experienced woodland stalker make an excellent point. If i take on a new piece of ground i can stalk it with all the experience I have but experience of the ground and where to regularly locate deer resident on the ground takes time. That's why stalkers pay for a guide.
    You cannot totally generalise deer behaviour but all deer if spooked will take evasive action. To successfully be able to stalk any deer and get into a suitable position from which to take a shot does require skill. That is what your AW wants to see. Does he take you to a part of his ground where you could skillfully stalk the ground for hours and see nothing or does he take you to a part where he knows that if you use your skill there is a good chance of locating deer.
    As an AW I do not wish to make things easy but I fully appreciate the work and effort a candidate has put in and if on my ground would certainly take them to where I know that achieving a successful stalk is possible but at the same time where I can witness all aspects.
    If your chosen AW is fair your years of experience will get you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckbones View Post

    But I'm going to stalk on the AW's land and he will asses my stalking abilities on fallow, muntjac in woodland.
    I only have limited stalking on fallow in woods and muntjac a big fat zero.

    Thats tough
    I have never even seen a muntjac let alone stalked one. I wouldn't want to do my Level2 on a totally new species on totally new ground

    personally I would be looking to do some dummy runs (without rifle) to get a feel for the change in target and environment

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    It is very difficult, although your experience will show. Through work, I've been dumped on ground all over the country and expected to come up with the goods! Although you may not have intimate knowledge of the ground, you will have the stalking experience and it is ultimately these skills the AW wants to see.
    I would hope that the AW whose land it is, will give you a full briefing on the ground, this won't be a stalking instruction but should be done out of courtesy and for H&S purposes.
    Good luck, I'm sure you wil be fine

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    I would think that you know your stuff so that will come across fine ,I would think it is only right that the AW will give you some info before hand to give you an idea of the place , I am currently doing mine and know how nerve wracking it is as i know i know what to do its having somebody following you watching your every move.
    you will have fun on the munty's I have only stalked them twice and the little buggers pop out from all directions trying to give the game away, very interesting and exiting. Good luck with your level 2 , atb wayne
    ps on the flip side not knowing the ground can be a bonus because you will take more care glassing woodland and not knowing were the deer are move slower than trying to get to a spot and maybe bumping deer
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    i do feel after talking with the AW that he is an honest guy who want to help get the qualification, plus he will point me in the right direction from the starting line so to speak.
    Also you point of the virgin ground may be to my advantage is very valid. But not knowing a hole lot about the habits of fallow or muntjac. There are lots of variables involved that I don't know about. Like how pressured the animals are and is it going to be early morning or last thing at night or 11 am I'm likely to see them.
    I shoot more roe middle of the day than first or last light.
    I know there wild and I'll take my chances but I want to impress the guy, just a little nervouse now I'm booked in


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    I know I'm not a good stalker , not compared to some . But I am safe , responsible and considerate .id imagine you are buck bones you must have a mighty knowledge on deer !

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    Having recently done my Level 2, and did it on my AW's ground which I did n't know before hand I dont think you will have any issues what so ever. Fundamentally what a good AW should be assessing is your overall level of cometance and expertise. My AW told me afterwards that he was pleased with the way I approached a new piece of ground and actually had no issue with asking him for all his local knowledge as well as reading the ground and signs for deer. At the end of the day you are a stalker going onto a new piece of ground and any of us would want to get as much info as possible before doing so and likewise we would expect any body coming onto ground that we looked after to show a similar level of competence etc. Regarding Muntjac, I have only ever shot the one and have never shot a Fallow, but have several times got close to them. Stalking them is no different to other animals. Given that your AW knows what he wants shot, I would certainly confirm to him which beast you going to shoot and why. Easier to do that before you shoot his prized melanistic gold medal buck!

    As for being nervous - perfectly natural reaction to having somebody who you don't know observing every action. But you will soon relax. Have fun.

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    I knew a gamekeeper called Willlie nixon,He was my dads best friend,He had been a gamekeeper for 50 years or so working on various estates in the Northeast and up in scotland,He always used to say to me" Everyday is different and you learn something new everyday"And this bloke new his stuff,What he didn"t know about wildlife wasn"t worth knowing.I used to spend hours just listening to him telling me stories that nowadays you would be locked up and the key through away,I"ll never forget him.He was a" right character" and well known for being hard as nails he would fight anyone.
    Anyway, it just goes to show you can have Level 1,2 Be an AW and have all the certificates that are on offer, but you will still keep on learning as you go."Are you a good stalker"only time will tell i think.
    Atb John.

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    which AW are you using

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