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Thread: MSR Hubba Hubba HP tents?

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    MSR Hubba Hubba HP tents?

    Looking at getting one of these 'MSR Hubba Hubba HP 2 person tent'.

    Anyone have any good websites/stores where I can find the best deal?

    Pop Shot

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    These guys will do you free delivery and beat the rrp!



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    I have the one man version for ultra light backpacking. It's a great bit of kit and certainly offers far more creature comforts than a decent bivi bag, for not much more weight.

    You might want to try Their prices are very good and I've always had great service from them.

    As far as 2 person tents go, I'd also consider then Terra Nova Voyager 2.2. It's roughly 500g heavier than the MSR Hubba HP in 2 person format, but it's a fair bit stronger being a 4 season tent and offers a little more space for 2 lots of gear. Either way, you won't go wrong. Make sure you get a footprint for what ever lightweight tent you get.

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    I would look at Hilleberg as well, not cheap but the best, 1 man Akto in picture.
    As above, make/buy a footprint, i made my footprint for about 5, on top of a mountain in Montana

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    I have just brought a Terra Nova Competition 2 tent from Uttings on offer for 260 instead of the RRP of 390. I have used this make of tent belonging to my mate before on Mountain Marathon events. It weighs in at not much over 1kg and also has a door each side which is great if two of you are using the tent and one needs to get up before he other.



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