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Thread: 3 legged deer.

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    Good video and great shot.

    I shot a fallow pricket and doe last week both with missing hind legs identical to that. Both had healed over perfectly. The doe's haunch that was missing the leg was just about 1kg lighter than the health leg. Guessing two reasons for the difference, the good leg has more to do and the bad leg nothing to do!

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    I have had several with missing legs over the years, most have been fine .
    I have seen them jump stock fencing quite well and have in the main left them alone,
    Several of the does have gone on to have young and raised them successfully.
    One buck lived and mated for several years, missing the bottom half of his rear leg didn't seem to matter.
    Stock fencing I think is the main cause, when they drop down on the jump,
    Their back leg catches between the top two stands of barbed wire and traps them.
    I once found a doe caught by her tongue in a rabbit wire, I couldn't see what had happened until I got up closer,
    I had to shoot her where she stood as the wire was 2/3 rds through the tongue,
    I hasten to add the wire was not mine, I don't set them.

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    Hi everybody!
    Always amazing to see, how good they "learn" to live on 3 legs...
    We had a 2 years old male boar in the drive last saturday... This ******* was unwilling to move but able to injure 3 of our dogs... One is still in koma and struggeling to survive....
    Attachment 23212

    On another drive last November I shot a good size boar, about 45 kg, really fast running, when I got there, I saw this:
    Attachment 23213

    Obviously another, not to old shot, which would have been a not too difficult wound track for a well trained bloodhound...

    On the same drive another hunter took this one:
    Attachment 23214
    A very bad, poor lower front leg shot....

    This is why we provide the free tracking service for every hunter here in Germany, its for the welfare of the animals and the point of view we show ourselves to the public....

    Always straight shooting, but when **** happens: Try your best, get the best dog around!!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin View Post
    I have had several with missing legs over the years, most have been fine .
    I have seen them jump stock fencing quite well and have in the main left them alone
    My issue with a three legged animal particularly up here with all the wire is the impeded ability to jump that will eventually end in them dying in a fence. Have found a few three legged ones dead in wire over the years.

    We used to have a three legged fallow buck living on the lane by our house. We would regularly see him and was fine. One day he was in the field by the house, had gone in through an open gate but on my walk in the morning we had spooked him and he spent two desperate hours trying to get out of the field by scrambling over hedges until he was so exhausted we gave the keeper a shout, who shot him. He was in quite a mess. SO like the other day if the opportunity arises I always take them first.

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    I shoot a stag in the rut that had three feet the other was completly healed ,wasn't even walking bad so wouldn't have necessary pick him if there had been more stags there.
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    This stag had a shattered cannon bone
    no exterior marks at all spare a slight puncture wound from the inside.
    probably less than a week old.
    still feeding and chewing cud.

    can't imagine what pain it must have been in

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    I have had a 3 legger aswell this Fallow doe is missing the lower part of her left hand rear leg

    Fallow Doe - The Stalking Directory Photo Gallery

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    Had a three legged six pointer down in the parents orchard this year, was told in no uncertain terms had this buck to be harmed.

    it was strange, I watched it many times and its head was pretty nice so it obviously wasn't effecting the deer to much, it also had no damage around the leg and looked asif there was no limb there at all and never had been. First time I seen it I thought it had been an rta or a snare but after getting a really good look at it I think it's possibly been born like that??

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    Click image for larger version. 

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