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    Loose Shotgun

    I was looking at a Mirouku 12g today. It did not seem to have any movement when open or closed. however, when opened there was no resistance and the barrels just flopped down. Is this normal? Or should I just avoid it?

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    Hi, it sounds like it is probably just 'worn in' . My browning was tight to use first of all,you had to push the barrels down to get a cartridge in the bottom barrel, now after a fair bit of use the barrels just drop down. I would have a good close look over the gun and make an overall decision based on the guns condition. Has it been well looked after, kept clean e.t.c? Sometimes things can be dressed up!

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    Also ask them to strip it down.

    fore stock off barrels separated from the but and working parts/strikers etc.

    then have a look at the 2 lugs where the barrels are held into the action (for want of a better word).

    Also look at the corresponding sections on the Action to check that for ware and tear.

    when they are putting it back together stop them at the point when they are just about to replace the fore stock and ask to hold the gun, at this point hold the stock under your arm pit area and with the other hand try moving the barrels from side to side,(not trying to break it just checking for any movement in the barrels and action)

    if its as loose a fitting as a monks habit, say thank you but not for me.

    hope this all makes sense.

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    If you remove the forend then check for looseness and lateral play of the barrels when the gun is closed. Also have a look at the top lever position when closed, the further the lever points over towards the left the more worn the gun is. Saying that it takes a hell of a lot of shooting to wear out a Miroku

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    Thanks all. I'll go and have a closer look with the new info.

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