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Thread: 243 for fox lancashire

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    243 for fox lancashire

    Hello does anyone have 243 on ticket for fox with lancashire(dont mean while out stalking)so i can use for lamping etc.Been told they will not grant it by a few people but have been told about people who have been given it.cheers

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    They need a good reason NOT to grant it for fox IF you say its an all weather foxing rifle for use in strong wind where a lesser caliber would be blown about .
    See Home Office guide lines for police firearms.

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    I have it both on my .308 and .243

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    I have a 6.5 conditioned for fox shooting from Lancashire and I know of others who have had 25.06 (had to shoot in some very windy places!!). If you meet resistance insist on a separate 243 for deer and a 223 for fox! To be honest you shouldnt have a problem as They would not want you to leave a rifle in a car unattended whilst you use the other

    Psychologos - do you have the 308 conditioned for fox shooting or fox shooting whilst stalking deer because I ran into a brick wall with my 308 and 7mm
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    I'm in Derbyshire. I have fox for .22rf, .22-250,.260 and .308

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    I'm in Kent and have 243/308/7.62x39 for fox

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    sometimes they have an issue if you just want it for fox, if you say you either want to shoot deer with it or will do in the future and don't want to need two guns they should be fine.

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    Should have no problem , have 243 purely for fox , used to have 25 06 also but got it took off for some reason

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    I have .243 passed purely for fox and thought I,d try my luck and try and get the 7mm08 passed for fox as well and it came back no probs!

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    I tried (a bit) to get my 243 passed for fox a couple of years ago, but no joy. I wasn't really bothered as I had a 223 on the ticket as my 'fox' rifle. Now I am doing a bit of gun rationalisation I might ask again and put forward some more persuassve arguments.


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