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Thread: Tikka m595 stainless in 243

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    Tikka m595 stainless in 243

    As above. Very good condition. Threaded 1/2 inch.
    sat in a lovely wood stock.
    Trigger has been adjusted its lovely and crisp.
    25 mm blued optilocs
    100 norma once fired brass
    Un opened box of 58 grain vmax
    and a full box of sierra 75 grain hollow points
    550 collected
    Or 500 for rifle and rings
    Throat and bore are in superb condition. Not had much use at all


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    I can't believe someone hasn't snapped this up. I have 1 in stainless and synthetic, quality rifle and deadly accurate.

    Good luck with the sale Jay

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    Quote Originally Posted by reload View Post
    I can't believe someone hasn't snapped this up. I have 1 in stainless and synthetic, quality rifle and deadly accurate.

    Good luck with the sale Jay

    mine is blued synthetic and its seen less than 600 rounds and is a very nice rifle to shoot and is as accurate as anything else i have had,


    someones going to get a deal with this,good luck with the sale.
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    Would be most interested.
    As is the way of things, I am off to France tomorrow for a week, maybe more (very ill mother-in law)
    If still unsold on my return, I will be in touch.


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    hi jay keep looking at your tikka 243 what a great looking gun. i have a sako quad with the same looking stock and love in the throws of getting a slot on my fac for a 243 and then was going look out for one.but looking at yours i dont think i will find one that good when i get my fac back, like other members have said i cant see why it has not gone .i have a friend who is a rfd so will get him to get and hold it for me until i get my 243 slot.i am in east sussex so would have to get it sent too him.if this sounds ok you can let me know how to contact you. and sought things out in more detail ie the cost to ship it and how to pay you.hope this sounds ok to you,look forward to your reply.thanks

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    how can i contact you regardding the sale of your 243?

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    Currently on hold till a member comes round to view

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    Well I need this gone basic rifle 450 collected or 475 posted to your rfd

    Can do barreled action for 400 if someone wants to build a semi custom rifle of there own.

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